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AEIC Series Conference Held Successfully in Anhui, China on September 21, 2019

The 2019 International Conference on Optoelectronic Science and Materials (ICOSM2019) was held on September 21, 2019 in Hefei, China, co-sponsored by the Key Laboratory of Infrared and Low Temperature Plasma in Anhui Province, Guangdong Academy of International Academic Exchange and AEIC Academic Exchange Information Centre, will be held in September 2019 in Hefei, China. The research fields of "Optoelectronic Technology Application", "Photovoltaic Science Material", "Photoelectric Signal Processing", "Low Temperature Plasma Technology and Application", "Laser Technology and Application" was discussed in the conference.



They discussed “Photoelectric Characteristics and Application of Vanadium Oxide”, “Focus on Photochromic Properties of TiO2”, “Laser spectroscopy technology and application” and “Focus on Photoelectric Properties of MoS2 Two-dimensional Materials”. The atmosphere on the spot is very warm.


The conference aims to provide a communication platform for experts, scholars, engineers and technicians in optoelectronics and electronic engineering. Through discussing scientific research achievements and frontier technologies, we can understand the academic development trend, broaden the research ideas, strengthen the academic research and discussion and promote the industrialization of academic achievements. 

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