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The 2020 International Conference on Climate Change, Green Energy and Environmental Sustainability(CCGEES2020)



Conference DateNov. 27-28, 2020

Venue:Kaidun Hotel,Haikou,China

First Submission Due: Oct 26, 2020

Early Bird Registration Due: Oct 26, 2020

Notification: within 1 week after submission

Indexing EI/Scopus/CNKI


The 2020 International Conference on Climate Change, Green Energy and Environmental SustainabilityCCGEES 2020will be held during Nov. 27-28, 2020 in Haikou, China. CCGEES 2020 aims to bring together by a common concern for the science of, and social responses to, climate change, and to provide a platform for scientists, engineers and scholars to sharing their latest research results and experiences. On behalf of organizing committee, we looking forward to your participation!


General Chair


Prof. Songpei Wang

Chinese eco-economist

Researcher, Institute of Rural Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Honorary member of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,China


Academic Committee Chair


Prof. Zheng Wang

Institute of Science and Technology Strategic Consulting, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Organizing Committee Chair


Prof. Yan Zhang

Qiongtai Normal University, China


Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Hui-Ming Wee

Chung Yuan Christian University, Chinese Taipei


Prof. Jin Su Jeong

Universidad de Extremadura, Spain


Dr. Lorenzo Ardito

Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy



School of Chemical & Energy Engineering,Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Prof. Haslenda Hashim 

Sustainability Research Alliance, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


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Causes of Climate Change

Natural Causes

Climate change and climatology

Climate change and economics

Fossil fuels and energy

CO2 concentration

Greenhouse gases

Ocean-atmosphere conversion system

Human behaviors and industrial structure, etc.


Impacts of Climate Change

Global warming

Ocean and climate change

Ecosystem and biodiversity

Natural disaster

Glacier melting

extreme weather

Climate change and food security

Climate change and health

Climate change and water environment


Climate change solutions


Solid waste and municipal waste recycling

Reduce fossil fuel consumption

Carbon-rich agriculture

Wetland restoration

Alley planting

Green Building

Low carbon travel

Green consumption

Control population growth

Food and Agriculture

Low-carbon economy

Low-carbon science and technology

Green finance

Global warming modeling and simulation

Weather forecast and scenarios

Risk prevention and early warning of meteorological disasters

Green energy and technology

Solar energy

Biomass energy

Wind energy

Geothermal Energy


Ocean Energy

Nuclear energy

Hydrogen energy

Clean Energy Technology

Energy efficiency

Energy storage materials and technology

Green energy and environment


Sustainable agriculture and forestry

Preservation of biodiversity

Preservation of water, soil, ocean, wetlands etc.

Sustainable Management of Polar Regions

Pollution prevention and management

Ecological remediation

Sustainable production and consumption patterns

Sustainable economy

Environmental Policies and Strategies

Global cooperation

Other related topics



All papers, both invited and contributed, will be reviewed by two or three experts from the committees. After a careful reviewing process, all accepted papers of CCGEES2020 will be published by E3S Web of Conferences (ISSN:2267-1242) and will be submitted to EI、Scopus for indexing.


5. Participation Types:

Package A: Only Attendance      

Package B: Abstract Submission+Oral Presentation

Package C: Abstract Submission+Poster Presentation

Package D: Full Paper Publicaiton+Oral/Poster Presentation+Attendance

Note: If you need paper publication and presentation both, please submit full paper.

If you need to make presentation without publication, please submit abstract only.


Submission Methods

For Chinese native speakers,

If you choose Package D, please submit the full paper (word+pdf) to SUBMISSION SYSTEM

If you choose Package A, B or C, please register via REGISTRATION SYSTEM .

For English speakers, 

Please send your full paper or abstract directly to CCGEES2020@163.com.


6.Registration Fee


Registration fee (By RMB) 

Registration fee (By US Dollar) 

Publication +Attendance

3000RMB/per paper

 (4 pages)

450 USD/per paper (4 pages)

Additional Paper Publication

2800RMB/per paper

 (4 pages)

430 USD/ per paper (4 pages)

Extra Pages (Begin at Page 5)

300RMB/per extra page

50 USD/ per extra page


1500RMB/per person

250USD/per person

Attendance Only

1200RMB/per person

180 USD / per person

Attendees without Submission (Groups

1000RMB/per person≥ 3  persons

150 USD / per person≥ 3  persons






11.27 (Friday)

09: 00-18: 00


11.28 (Saturday)

08: 50-09: 00

Open Ceremony

09: 00-12: 00

Keynote Speeches

12: 00-14: 00


14: 00-18: 00

Oral Session

* The detailed conference program will be released about one month before the conference



Conference Secretary: Vivian Wang 

E-mail: CCGEES2020@163.com

Tel: +86-19139737380 (Wechat)

QQ: 2644824662



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